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Having to deal with those holiday complaints either before you go or when you come home can prove to be stressful!

You have worked hard for your holiday and like any Consumer product, you are entitled to have your complaints dealt with properly and fairly.

The problems you face on how to deal with your problems can be summarised in the following ways:

  • The Travel Company doesn't take your complaints seriously, either in resort or when you come home;
  • You read that claiming is bad and that you are trying to make a fast buck by joining the 'compensation culture';
  • You don't know how to deal with what you see as running up against a big company!

Well, here is the good news; You have come to the right place to get help with your travel complaints! If you choose, you can seek assistance from the most experienced Consumer team in the UK, to help you try and resolve your complaints.

We have helped many thousands of Consumers like yourself and recognise how a travel company in resort or when you come home can seek to frustrate your attempts at settling your complaint. Travel companies are no different to other larger retailers; if you have a complaint about your car or washing machine, you would pursue it - why should your holiday complaints be treated any differently? As for those who would frown on your attempt to pursue your claim, we say that your entitlement to claim is based on your contract or the law; you should not feel guilty or ashamed about making claims! Consumers have been chasing their rights for decades - this is not about a 'culture' - this is about your receiving a fair and just settlement for your claims and we will help you achieve that!

So, please visit our pages and if you need help, just give us a call - our service to you is free and without obligation; you have nothing to lose - join the many thousands of Consumers who have benefited from our experience!

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